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David J. Tagg P.E.

David J. Tagg P.E.

David is a multi-discipline civil engineer with over 40 years of oversight for numerous design and construction projects with demonstrated ability to lead and manage multi-discipline design-build teams. David is a veteran Owned business and enjoys utilizing his private aircraft to reach customers requirements in an efficient manner.

  • Multidiscipline civil engineer with over 45 years of project management for multiple design and construction projects with demonstrated ability to lead and manage multi-discipline design/build and startup teams tackling tough engineering and systems problems including the use of online collaboration tools and 3D design.
  • Extensive experience managing design and construction teams utilizing multiple engineering disciplines including, mechanical systems, structural systems, power distribution, environmental compliance, electrical building systems, electronic controls with real time process control, water and wastewater, environmental safety and green building systems.
  • Demonstrated ability to quickly assess problems and recommend practical and cost effective solutions to meet project objectives for cost, performance, and schedule consistent with customers’ expectations.


Energy Systems

  • Consulted with the Public Works Department of Nassau County on continuing use and evaluation for performance improvement of their sewage plant gas powered stationary engine generating systems at the Cedar Creek Plant (Enterprise Engines) and Bay Park Plant (Simplex Engines).
  • Consulted with H. Sand & Co. executive in charge of the North River Sewage Treatment Plant for the City of New York on the application of large 6 cylinder Enterprise diesel engines and right angle drive transmissions for the influent pumping station at the plant.
  • Performed system evaluation for continuing use of large Nordberg engine generator sets as cogeneration facility for King’s Plaza shopping mall in Brooklyn New York providing power and refrigeration for the Mall.  Also consulted on continuous oil filtration and reuse system for these engines.
  • Developed a technique to convert standby power generation equipment at major sewage treatment facilities into peak power shaving or demand limiting generators through the use of power line monitoring, parallel power generation or partial load transfer and a supervisory control system.
  • Consulted with design team from Robson Woese for installation of Biofuels dispensing system for SUNY ESF at Syracuse Campus.
  • Developed a biodiesel fuels program for the Destiny USA destination project including fuel blending for multiple blends of Biodiesel for automotive and construction equipment use.  Provided design input and cost estimating for a 30MW diesel engine based Trigeneration plant fired on B100 biofuel as a primary non-petroleum source of fuel.  Performed performance testing of B100 biofuel in Mercedes 300 TD and Kubota CZ600 series engines.  Technical chair for 2005 BioDiesel Summit held at Savannah Dhu Lodge for major US diesel engine makers, heavy equipment leasing companies and the US Forest Service.

Environmental / Hazardous Waste Systems

  • Project engineer for a 4 year waste coal tar lagoon cleanup project for American Cyanamid in Bound Brook NJ.  Designed, supervised fabrication and deployment of waste recovery equipment, transport systems, destruction verification system and supervised final lagoon closure.
  • Designed, permitted and supervised installation of a common and 'red bag' waste incineration system for a major regional hospital with steam generation to offset purchased steam.  This prompted the rehabilitation of mothballed steam chillers for air conditioning, reducing electric power use.
  • Construction manager of a design/build team for a $ 8 million industrial waste pre-treatment system to remove iron and volatile and semi-volatiles for a major US Pyridine manufacturer utilizing pH adjustment, flocculation, gravity settling, multi-media filtration, and steam stripping.  Concept development for reuse of sewage plant effluent for major resort destination for non-contact water uses including plant watering, toilet flushing, floor washing and garage maintenance washing.


Water / Wastewater

Wrote specifications for major treatment units including clarifier equipment and drives, aeration equipment, sewage pumps, chemical injection and metering pumps, positive displacement sludge pumps, sludge thickening equipment, gas blowers, gas compressors, boilers, steel pipe, steel inserted reinforced concrete pipe, fiberglass reinforced plastic pipe, low alloy pipe,  acid storage tanks, flow metering equipment, nuclear density flow meters, chlorine residual analyzers, and painting for submerged equipment.

Provided start-up, plant optimization services and wrote O&M manual for clarifiers, aeration units (150 hp), mixed flow DC drive pumps (600 hp), positive displacement sludge pumps, blowers, gas compressors, HVAC system, 600 hp digester gas boilers, gas mixing for anaerobic digesters, 400 hp centrifuges, sludge thickeners, polymer feed systems, and real time process control computer system.  Performed inspections of the installation, alignment, start-up and testing of over 18 full wave rectified DC drives, variable speed pumps over 75 horsepower and several over 600 horsepower.

Building Systems

Provided design services and construction oversight for Norwich Pharmaceutical facilities HVAC systems to assure isolation between packaging, hallways and manufacturing spaces.  Also designed chemical solvent (hydrazine) manufacturing building to meet safety standards and to be an explosion containment structure with controlled release of combustion gasses.

Worked with program managers at SUNYAlbany for design, specifications and cost estimating for HVAC, lighting and walk-in sterilization system for animal research facilities.

Designed, estimated, bid and provided field erection supervision for several Chobani Yogurt plant expansions including, refrigerated warehouse space, ammonia refrigeration systems, high purity water treatment including RO, material handling and filling equipment, stainless steel piping systems, sterile dairy product storage and air systems space isolation.


Consultant to                           GHD, Inc. Syracuse, NY                                               2006 - 2009

President / Owner                    David J. Tagg & Associates Camillus, NY                      1993 - Present

Project Chief Engineer            DestiNY - USA (a Pyramid Co.) Syracuse, NY                 2002 - 2006

President / Owner                    MacNeill • Tagg Engineers Camillus, NY                     1995 - 2001

Managing Engineer                 John S. MacNeill , Jr. ,P.C. Homer, NY                             1994 - 1995

Operations Manager                Specialized Process Equipment, Inc. Syracuse, NY         1991-1993

Project Manager                      OBG Technical Services, Inc. Syracuse, NY                    1986-1991

Sr. Project Engineer                O'Brien & Gere Engineers, Inc. Syracuse, NY                    1974 -1986

Superintendent                        Gressani Gysel Construction, Inc. Syracuse, NY             1971 - 1974

Traffic Analyst                        City of Syracuse Dept. of Trans. Syracuse, NY                1969 - 1971

Lt. Colonel (Ret.)                     US Army - Corps of Engineers  & Medical Srvic Corps     1969 - 1991                 


B.S.C.E.                                   Syracuse University, Syracuse NY                                 1969

Graduate                                 U. S. Army Engineer School

                                              Officers Advanced Course

                                              Command and General Staff College


Licensed Professional Engineer

            New York         # 053463-1

            Pennsylvania    # PE-039468-R - inactive

            New Jersey       # GE 34565 - inactive

            Ohio                 # E-53586 - inactive

            Indiana            # PE60890355 - inactive

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